29 Nov Pat Flynn – Discover The Benefits Of Training Like A Generalist

(#229) Pat Flynn returns to the show this week to discuss his unique and minimalistic approach to training and life.

Pat is the author of Paleo Workouts for Dummies and he’s the creator of ChroniclesofStrength.com. And, he's also self described minimalist - and generalist.

What exactly is the "generalist" approach? That's what you'll hear about in this week's show. Here's what we discuss:
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22 Nov Jon Engum – How To Become Flexible Steel

(#228) Jon Engum, Martial Arts Expert and Master SFG Strong First Instructor, is this week's featured guest. This is the first time Jon has been a guest on the show and I'm very excited to have him share his incredible knowledge. Jon is the author of the book Flexible Steel and is the Creator and Chief Instructor of the Flexible Steel Training System. Here's what you'll learn this week:
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15 Nov Anthony Renna – Behind The Scenes With The Strength Coach Podcast

(#227) Anthony Renna, fitness professional and longtime fellow podcaster, joins the show this week for a fantastic and entertaining chat about his experiences in podcasting. For the last 10 years, Anthony has been the voice behind The Strength Coach Podcast, which has been a leading fitness podcast. This is one of the coolest interviews I've done and it's also loaded with 'life lessons." You may know that I enjoy bringing you innovative guests and topics. Well, this is certainly one of them. Here's what you'll hear about this week:
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08 Nov Dr. Fergus Connolly – The Art Of Sports Science

(#226) Dr. Fergus Connolly, author of the revolutionary book Game Changer, joins the podcast this week for an incredible chat session. If you haven't heard about the book Game Changer yet, this book is one of the most talked about books in the area of sport performance ever written. Dr. Fergus Connolly is the performance director for the University of Michigan football program and prior to that he was with the San Francisco 49ers as the director of elite performance.

He’s also worked as a performance consultant for many other NFL and professional sports teams and has an extensive background in the area sports science.

This session is loaded with great insights and content, yet we only scratched the surface on the principles that are outlined in his book Game Changer. I'll know you'll absolutely love this session as much as I did. Here's what you'll learn in this week's show:
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01 Nov How Strong Do You Really Need To Be?

(#225) How strong do you really need to be? How strong is strong enough? I believe this question is NOT discussed enough and it's often misunderstood. In this week's session, I'll answer this question and provide practical applications for you - or for those you work with if you're a coach. I'll explain the "5 levels of strength" and why this model is important for long-term training success. The answer is contained in the "5 levels." You'll learn what level we want to avoid and what level is the "sweet spot" for long-term health and peak performance.
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Dr. Stuart McGill & Brian Carroll

25 Oct Dr. Stuart McGill And Brian Carroll – The Gift Of Injury

(#224) Dr. Stuart McGill and Brian Carroll return to the podcast this week to share their story about the "Gift of Injury." The NEW book, co-written by my guests, outline Brian's recovery from back injury and how he returned to elite level powerlifting with the help of Dr. Stuart McGill. Dr. Stuart McGill has been the professor of Spine Biomechanics at the University of Waterloo since 1986. He is widely regarded as the world-leading authority in Spine Biomechanics and has worked with individuals and teams all over the globe. Brian Carroll is a world-class powerlifter with over a decade of elite lifting under his belt. He came back from a devastating back injury and returned to the pinnacle of world-class powerlifting, while successfully becoming pain and symptom free. Their new book is a system to maximize function and optimize performance for the strength athlete and should serve as the definitive guide to back rehabilitation and training. Here's what you'll learn this week in an amazing interview with the authors:
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18 Oct Anton Jefferson – Finding Passion And Performance With Weightlifting

(#223) Anton Jefferson (Weightlifter, Coach and Entrepreneur) joins the podcast this week for episode #223 to share his passion for Olympic Weightlifting and what he's doing to help spread the word about the ultimate strength skill. Anton is a dynamic coach and passionate athlete, as you'll get to experience in the session. There are many great insights and nuggets in this one - and I know you'll get value from this week's episode. Here's what you'll learn in the session:
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11 Oct What’s The Most Valuable Exercise?

(#222) How would you answer this important question? What's the most "valuable" exercise for the human body? What exercise could enhance everything else without detracting from any training program or exercise approach? That's the question we'll discuss this week and I'll share my list of reasons on the answer. So, how would you answer the question? What comes to mind? Post your answer below or catch me on Instagram.
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