17 Sep SB 016 | Dallas and Melissa Hartwig: It Starts With Food

Dallas & Melissa HartwigIn this episode, I was privileged to interview Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, founders of Whole9Life.com.

The are also the authors of an amazing new book called, “It Starts With Food.”

This is an interview you will not want to miss, believe me.  They provide great, practical, actionable information in the area of Paleo Nutrition.

You will not only learn a lot about optimizing health and nutrition, but you will learn about some great resources to take action on immediately after listening to this interview.

This is definitely a great session with lots of great content.

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To get the complete PDF transcript of this interview, click here to download.

Check out Dallas and Melissa Hartwig at Whole9LIfe.com and be sure to download the free PDF of the Whole30 Program.

And, of course, get the great book, It Starts With Food.  It’s fantastic!

See my previous review here.

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