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Need help?

Want help?

Stuck in a plateau?

Listen, we ALL need a coach and if you’re serious about your training and results, I can help.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know about my background and experience.  But, if you want to know the full story, click here.

There are few people out there that I would give my full endorsement to. Scott is one of them. ~Dr. Brian Burnbaum

The truth is my background is very different from what you’ll typically find online and in the “real world.”

And, I actually care about helping people get the best results through the simple methods and principles I teach.

My approach is “no BS” and it produces results.

But, if you’re not committed or willing to work hard, I’m not the coach for you.

He worked with my goals and agenda in mind, not his.  Always listening to what I was looking to gain from his training.~Lara B. Canada

The fastest way for us to get started is to chat about you, your challenges, and the results you’re looking to achieve.


Program Planning: I can help with proper program planning and strategy over the short term and long term. Programming is the key to getting results and forward progress. It’s also a major challenge for most people.

Getting Clear: One of the biggest challenges is simply getting clear on what you’re trying to achieve. And, I mean really clear on what you want or what you’re trying to move away from. We’ll talk specifics and get you laser focused on the “one big thing.” This is crucial.

Proper Exercise Selection: Are you doing the right things? Are you focused on the fundamentals? Do you understand why you do what you do? Let’s make sure your doing the right things for the goals you want.

Monthly Program Design: Custom program design, based on the assessment and your goals. This is NOT a “cookie cutter” approach, but specific to you and your goals.

Exercise Technique and Guidance: Proper Technique is essential, no matter what the tool. The truth is that we can cover this with today’s simple technology via online coaching.

Injury Prevention: Injury prevention is a key focus for successful long term training. We’ll make sure we address proper recovery, regeneration, and injury prevention strategies to maximize performance for long term safe and effective training, specific to you.

Continuous Assessment and Strategy: We’ll thoroughly assess where you are, then develop the best strategy to get you where you want to be. This is not a “quick fix” but a long term strategy with regular check-ins and accountability.

Video Based Learning: High quality video training tutorials may be provided to assist you, if necessary. Short, informative video trainings to support your learning and experience. As well as assessment of your progressions.

Enjoyed the feedback and the great ideas really changed my kettlebell training. This online training is one of the best investment I have ever made. ~Michael M., China

Direct Access For Communications: If we decide I can help and we’re a good “fit” for continued training and consultation, you’ll have direct access to me along the way through email support. And, if you need to get on the line to chat again, we can arrange that, as well.

A Complete Assessment of Your Total Fitness Plan: All the best training means nothing if everything else isn’t optimized. If you want to fine-tune things with your approach, we’ll discuss your lifestyle, nutrition, mindset, training challenges, etc. Remember, training alone is NOT enough.


I’ve found that 45 minutes for a one on one Skype or phone consult is perfect to figure out where you are and how I can best help. You’ll get valuable insight and resources during our call.

The 45 minute one-on-one consult is currently $80.

*Please note, once you book, you’ll receive a link to schedule our time.

It’s fast and easy.

And, we will MAXIMIZE our time during the chat, addressing your challenges and discussing things to help you advance with your training.


***If you don’t feel like you didn’t get value from our discussion – I will refund your money in full. I take this very seriously, so if you didn’t feel like you got value, let me know and I’ll send you a refund.

Also, please take a few minutes and complete the online form below, so that I know more about you.

It will only take you a few minutes and it will be extremely helpful for me during our call.



Having a mentor or a coach is the quickest, fastest way to accelerate your progress.

This is a fact, my friend.

If you’re serious about getting to the next level, then fill out the online form so I can help you move closer to your specific goals.

If you are serious about making permenant changes to your body and health, and you have an opportunity to work with Scott – do whatever it takes to make that happen! ~Jay Estis

Where ever you are now – I can help you get to the next level.

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I now offer quarterly performance training seminars in South Florida where I teach the methods and training principles I use.

This is a “deep dive” full day experience to work directly with me in a small group setting.

Areas covered are:

  • Movement assessment – how to assess for quality of movement
  • Mobility and Stability corrective exercise for maximal performance
  • Hardstyle (Russian) Kettlebell Training – Progressions and Techniques
  • Powerlifting – Progressions and Techniques
  • Olympic Weightlifting – Progressions and Techniques
  • Advanced Kettlebell Skills and Progressions

Please check out RdellaTraining.com/seminars for more information.


My background is that of a physical therapist, strength coach, and movement teacher.

Everything I do and teach is what I do myself.

I’m a weightlifter, powerlifter, and kettlebell enthusiast.

I’ve spent years and countless hours immersing myself in these areas, not just dabbling in them, but seeking mastery.

I’m certified as a StrongFirst Level II, Kettebell Instructor (SFGII), StrongFirst Barbell Instructor (SFL), Functional Movement Specialist (FMS), and USAW Sports Performance Coach, among other things.

It’s a unique educational and training background that is quite uncommon in the fitness industry.

And, I’m very committed to providing the highest level of service and an exceptional learning experience to those I work with.

You’ll get a very dynamic and focused level of coaching and interaction.

I want to be transparent in that I have quite a hectic schedule and have to limit working only clients who are serious about their training, performance, and results.

If that’s you – click below, we’ll book a session, and I’ll talk to you soon.

If you have further questions or are interested in the next steps, just let me know.

You can use the contact form here or email me directly at scott@rdellatraining.com.

Once again, thank you very much for your interest and hope I can help you advance with your goals soon.

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