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Hey, it’s Scott.

My goal here is to help people discover the strongest version of themselves through a foundation of strength. I also strive to “bridge the educational gaps” in strength, performance and injury prevention so that we can all achieve long-term training success.

Strength provides the ability to meet or exceed life demands with ease. In other words, strength helps us to become unstoppable.

Strength brings a freedom that very few people ever realize, until they no longer have it. That’s why I created this website.

If you landed here and want to know more about who’s behind this site, you’re in the right spot.

When I land on a website – I definitely want to know the person behind it.  

My name is Scott Iardella.

I’m a strength coach, movement teacher, podcaster, and author of the book, The Edge of Strength. I’m also a former physical therapist – which has a lot to do with how I approach strength and performance training.

The quote below is the best summary of my mission and how I’m working to help people all over the world.


Once again, it is a shame to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which the body is capable – and that’s why I’m here.

It is a shame to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which the body is capable.Click To Tweet

I’m extremely fortunate to have a unique background as a former physical therapist and competitive bodybuilder turned strength athlete – which has provided me different insights that I feel help “bridge gaps” in health, fitness, and performance.

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I’ll be totally honest – my approach is not MAINSTREAM.

If you’re looking for a “short-cut” or “quick fix,” I’m sorry to say, you won’t find it here.

My training philosophy and core beliefs are outlined below.

And, it really is this simple.

I focus on a few specific things. And, if you “do the thing, you can have the power.

I believe that’s a famous quote.

I don’t just talk and write about the methods here – I LIVE THEM.


I work to develop better skills, improve my movement patterns, and get stronger.

I do this through these primary methods.

  • Fundamental Human Movements
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Powerlifting (& Basic Barbell Training)
  • Olympic Weightlifting

This is what I concentrate on and immerse myself in.

It’s a hybrid approach, but it’s also a very focused approach.

You can go far and deep with any of these areas to achieve great things.

These areas are similar, yet so different.

If you think any of these are are “out of your scope” – I’d challenge you to “suspend your disbelief” about what you can accomplish – regardless of age, gender, or background.



I’m fortunate to have a deep background which blends my experiences as a clinician, a scientist, and an athlete with “over 3 decades” of experience.

I’ve worked with a many different people and backgrounds – from professional athletes to the general population – in a variety of roles through the years.




DegreeRevMaster’s Degree in Physical Therapy (MPT) 

I hold a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy (M.P.T.) as well as a Bachelor’s of Science (B.S.) in physical therapy. I worked for several years as a sports orthopedic physical therapist in the outpatient setting. While I do NOT practice as clinician any longer, I consistently use my background education and knowledge to maximize strength and performance and minimize risk for injury. The education and experience never goes away.

cscs_logoCertified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) 

I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. The CSCS is one of the most highly regarded credentials and I’m honored to maintain this through the years. The CSCS is provided by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the world-leading organization for elite coaches, trainers, researchers, and educators.

StrongFirst Level II Certified Kettlebell Instructor (SFGII) and StrongFirst Team Leader

I am currently a Strong First Level II Kettlebell Certified Instructor. Additionally, I am honored to be a Team Leader for StrongFirst. What this means to you is that I am properly trained to instruct in hardstyle kettlebell training. The certification requirements are stringent and must be re-tested every 2 years. In my experience, the StrongFirst methods have been the safest, most comprehensive and most effective way to train with a kettlebell for optimal results. The hardstyle methods align with my personal beliefs on safe and effective movement.

USAWUSAW Weightlifting Coach (USAW L1)

This is the USAW’s level one certified Olympic Weightlifting course and credential. I went through this 2 day “live” certification several years ago and was taught my Coach Danny Camargo. This credential requires an annual test to stay current as a Weightlifting coach.

Catalyst Athletics (Level 1) Certified Weightlifting Coach (CACWC)

Catalyst Athletics is the world’s largest source for Weightlifting education and was created by Greg Everett. I was fortunate to spend a weekend learning directly from Greg about the Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting methodology. I have used these methods and progressions since 2014 and the system is brilliant for weightlifters of all backgrounds. I’m honored to be one of ONLY a handful in the state of Florida with this distinction.

Certified Clinical Athlete Weightlifting Coach (CCWC)

This was a 2-day “live” intensive seminar on the Olympic Weightlifting movement assessment and progressions developed by Dr. Quinn Henoch. This system is based on proper movement assessment for athletics and also “corrective” strategies to optimize positions required for the Olympic lifts and accessory exercises.

CWPC1Certified Weightlifting Performance Coach (CWPC)

The CWPC credential was done through the Athletes Acceleration organization led by Pat Beith. This particular certification was a comprehensive online training program and methodology led by Olympic Weightlifting coach, Wil Flemming.

FMS1Functional Movement Specialist (FMS)

I am Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Certified Specialist and have gone through a comprehensive 4 day CK-FMS training experience with Gray Cook and Brett Jones leading the way. I currently use the FMS as part of the assessment process to gather a baseline prior to – and during – training programs.

CISSNCertified Sports Nutritionist by the International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN)

Because of my strong interest in the better understanding of sports nutrition and supplementation, I sat for the prestigious CISSN exam offered by The International Society of Sports Nutrition. I spend quite a bit of time reading and learning about how to optimize nutrition for peak performance and I’m honored to be recognized with this highly regarded credential.

Pn1_Coach1Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1 (PN1)

Again, I believe that to maximize performance, we must have nutrition in order. The Precision Nutrition Certification provided a broad and comprehensive approach to sound nutritional principles. The level one certification requires extensive study and a college level education on nutrition and behavior coaching.

CSACCertified Speed and Agility Coach (CSAC)

Finally, I decided to take this certification for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to better understand speed training and be able to coach multi-directional speed for my daughters – who are active in sports. Secondly, this was an area I felt I didn’t know enough about. There’s no better way to learn than immerse yourself in a course that was taught by expert speed coach, Lee Taft.

In addition to this, I have attended or instructed at countless “live” seminars or workshops to improve my knowledge and skill set. I have been honored to attend numerous barbell training, kettlebell training, and movement/mobility workshops in recent years. 

This combination is quite uncommon, but it means I am fortunate to bring a lot to the table.

When I’m not training, I’m usually attending workshops, seminars or lectures to always get better and improve myself.

I’ve been honored to personally work with and learn from many top coaches and brilliant people such as:

  • Pavel Tsatsouline
  • Dr. Kelly Starrett
  • Dr. Charlie Weingroff
  • Chad Wesley-Smith
  • Greg Everett
  • Glenn Pendaly
  • Danny Camargo
  • Gray Cook
  • Dr. Stuart McGill
  • Brett Jones
  • Geoff Neupert
  • Dr. Quinn Henoch
  • And, too many more to name.

Why should you care about any of this?

Because the better I get – the more I can help you.

That’s the way I look at it.

I actually do everything I write about here – all the lifts, techniques, and methods.

In other words, I practice what I preach.



Strength gives us the ability to be more, to do more, and to have more.

It literally makes everything else better in our lives.

I’ve found that to be true.

Strength is a KEY to the 3 major goals we all want:

1-To Perform Better
2-To Feel Better
3-To Look Better

And, you’ll learn WHY it’s so important for all of us in my print book – The Edge of Strength, which I’m proud of.



Anyway, I’m glad you found this site.

I hope you join me in the journey together.


1.)   I’m most proud to be a husband and a father of two. It’s the major driver for what I do everyday.

2.)   I’m an insane book reader. What I mean is that I read everything I can get my hands on. I love books and always share the great stuff I read. I’ve got more book recommendations for you than you can possibly imagine. If there’s a strength and performance book you’ve seen – chances are I’ve read it…

3.)   I’m a former competitive bodybuilder. I competed for 6 years and it was an amazing experience that changed my life.

4.)   I overcame a major back injury. After my first bodybuilding show, I suffered a severe disc herniation that required surgery. It was one of the worst things that ever happened to me. It was also something that radically changed my life for the better.

5.)   I experienced some “down years” in my training. Things were pretty bad for a while, then I woke up and discovered the importance of strength and movement. It’s been an incredible journey ever since.

6.)   I’ve been working with people for over 30 years in the medical and fitness industries. I started working in a gym when I was in my teens and have been working with people in different roles ever since.

7.)   I’m always a student. You see, experts are students first and always.

8.)   I’m a total science nerd. I’m actually one of those guys that reads scientific publications and journals. I’ve been doing it for over 20 years now and I flat out love the science and practice of human health and performance.

9.)   I’m a weightlifter, powerlifter, and kettlebell enthusiast. I work to get a little better each and every day.

10.)   I REALLY care about your results. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve definitely figured some things out along the way. That’s why I created this site.

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I’ll see you on the inside, my friend.

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